CCUSD#1 Mrs. Sandy Smith
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Contact Information: 815-634-5039 ext. 1607

Started with CCUD#1 : 1993

Education: B.A. in Secondary Education English from Dominican University (Rosary College)
Governors State University, MS in Counseling, School Counseling strain

Additional Responsibilities:
Teaching and Learning Committee
Learning Leadership Team
District Leadership Team
CCMS Building Leadership Team

W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) Sponsor
Student Services Department Chair
A.S.A.P. (After School Assistance Program) Coordinator
District Talented and Gifted Committee
Joint Committee
CCMS PBS Committee
CCMS "A" Team

10th year as counselor at CCMS
Taught High School English for 13 Years

Favorite Quote: While walking examine the walking; while sitting, the sitting . . . -Zen saying

Best Advice: Find at least one of these three in all that you do: acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm.

Live to Empower (yourself and others); Empower to Live (a beautiful life)!