Fresh Water

Did you know that only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water?  And only 1% of that fresh water is in rivers and lakes.  The other 99% is either frozen (69%) or ground water (30%).  The 1% that is available in rivers and lakes is sometimes polluted or can contain trash.  Students in Mr. Leve’s 5th grade class put their thinking caps on to try and tackle this problem.  The task students were face with was to design a water filtration system to purify/clean a sample of dirty water.  Most groups had no trouble filtering the leaves and rocks out using a household strainer.  The difficulty came when the dirt and sediments needed to be filtered.  Students got creative and used various items such as gravel, charcoal, sand, and coffee filters to filter the finer particles.  In the end, most groups were able to get their water sample cleaner, although none were able to achieve a clean, drinkable sample of water.  Students learned just how challenging it is to clean dirty water.  More importantly though, they learned that it is important to keep the small amount of water that we have on our planet clean!