Family Reading Night

Four hundred and sixty-eight people people walked into a Lego Literacy World, Family Reading Night, on February 28th, 2018 at the ECC. The moment you stepped into the building Legos were dangling from the ceiling to greet you. As you continued on through the building you could find a Lego Lounge, where families could read, watch a movie, eat a snack, and take pictures. Other rooms for the night included the Lucky Lego Bingo Room, the Coal City PSO sponsored this room and many students walked away with great Bingo wins. The Lively Lego Craft Room allowed students to work with the Coal City Public Library to make a great Lego Craft. The Lego Lookout had another craft which was provided by the Coal City School District Librarians. Of course the famous Leaping Lego Letterwalk was a favorite because free books were given out. Let’s not forget our loving Lego Reader Rooms! This year Mrs. Aldridge and Ms. Bruzzino lead a room and right next door Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Davidson hosted a room.

There were raffles provided by Coal City Public Library, Coal City Junior Women’s Club, Carrie Troll, Mrs. Ludes, Mrs. Aichele, and Puleo Pastries. Students and parents all received a chance to win any of these amazing raffles as well as the grand prize, a Kindle which was provided by Coal City School District.

Mrs. Ludes decided to start this night 6 years ago and was supported by the Coal City School District immediately. Her dream of bringing literacy, fun, and families together continues to grow as the years continue. Now, Mrs. Ludes and Mrs. Aichele continue to develop new dreams and ideas to make this night an even bigger success. What will next year be?? Just wait but we promise it will be an exciting night!