Vincetta van Ghoul wins 3rd Place

Congratulations to Mrs. Brncich and all of the second and third graders for winning 3rd place in the Bewitched on Route 66 fall festival in Wilmington! The Wilmington Island Park District has rewarded their creativity and craftsmanship by giving each of them a special Halloween Treat to take home!

Mrs. Brncich and all of her art students worked together to paint “Vincetta van Ghoul” a wooden witch inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting the Starry Night. The students took a good look at the unique way that Vincent van Gogh applied his paint with thick intentional brush strokes. The students did their best to do the same on their painting of Vincetta. They learned that this style of painting is called “impasto” where the paint is laid on so thickly that the paint texture is visible.

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and their families who came to the festival and voted for Vincetta!