Researching George Washington

Mrs. Vigna’s Class has been researching and learning about George Washington. We learned that research means that we search through many different sources to gain information and confirm facts. So, we have read an article, watched a short video, read our Social Studies flip chart, and read a biography about George Washington. We learned that some of these sources have the same information and some had new and different information. We also learned what a time line is and how it was used in the biography. Then we recalled and captured facts in writing about George Washington. We displayed our writing on our George Washington craft project. Some of the interesting facts we learned were:

  1. He was born on February 22, 1732 in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

  2. His favorite subject was mathematics.

  3. He was a surveyor, map maker (cartographer), and soldier before he became the President.

  4. He led the American colonists in the Revolutionary War.

  5. He was our first President, but he never lived in the White House.

  6. He was president for 8 years.

  7. He wore a white wig to make him look smarter and he had false teeth.

  8. He was called “The Father of our Country” and Washington D.C. was named after him.

  9. His picture is on the $1 bill and the quarter.

  10. He died at his home on December 14, 1799 (right before Christmas).