First Grade Spanish

The first grade Spanish classes are in the middle of an exciting unit on Los Animales (the animals)!  We started by reviewing the animals they learned last year in kindergarten and then we added four new ones to learn!  The students are doing an awesome job at matching up the Spanish vocabulary words with pictures of the animals.  The students love to use our fun helpful hints to remember vocabulary – for example we say “when I see a bear, I’m oso scared” because el oso is the bear!  Ask your students to explain our other fun hints to you for el pollo (the chicken) and el pez (the fish). Students have also been working hard in our Libros de Animales Españoles (Book of Spanish Animals).  Students are instructed to write out the Spanish animal word and then draw their own version of the animal.  Some students have gotten pretty creative with what their animal looks like! In our upcoming classes we will be playing a fun board game called El Zoológico (The Zoo) where students will have to make their way from the entrance of the zoo back to the zookeeper’s station, answering questions about Spanish animals along the way. We will also bring out animal beanie babies to practice our vocabulary words.  Some of the students’ favorite Spanish animal words include la tortuga (the turtle), el mono (the monkey), el tigre (the tiger) and el pollo (the chicken).  Quiz your students on the rest of our animal vocabulary!