Reading Room Fun

We love literacy!! We have fun practicing reading and writing everyday in the Reading Room. My fabulous first graders have a very busy daily routine! We begin each session by practicing our “tricky words”.  Next, we review our letter/sound cards and we complete our vowel exercise. After that we “walk and read” first grade word wall words and then build and write words on our magnetic letter dry erase boards. And…of course…we read LOTS and LOTS of wonderful books.!  We LOVE Reading!

My Kindergarten kiddos enjoy playing games to practice letter names and sounds! The Revealer Game is a  favorite! When we play the revealer game, we lift a letter card to see what picture is revealed. It’s always a surprise! We discuss the name of the letter and the beginning sound of the picture behind it! It’s super fun! We also enjoy listening to stories and songs about each letter of the alphabet! Each letter is represented with a movement. Moving and learning is the perfect combination! Reading Rocks!